'Don’t start a DIET that has an expiration date…Focus on a LIFESTYLE that will last forever!'



As months go by you will hear that specific foods are great for you, whilst others are detrimental to

your health. I will not dictate to you a meal by meal food plan, but this section highlights the basics

that will help you understand more about nutrition and achieve your goals.


A balanced diet consists of the consumption of the three Macronutrients : Carbohydrates, Protein

and Fat and the two Micronutrients: Vitamins and Minerals.


The Muscle Builder and Metabolic Stimulator.

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Do you get everything you need from 5 fruit and veg a day? You would be surprised.

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Want to cut them out to lose weight? Think twice.

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What they do and where to get them.

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Good Fats, Bad Fats. Learn all about them.

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