My name is Aliz, Personal Trainer with a Mission to show you how to live your life to the fullest.


Having been in the corporate world for 10 years my life was going in a direction which I no longer could imagine. I have been lucky enough to travel 18 months throughout South & Central America, New Zealand, Australia, Asia during which I became inspired by so many wonderful people, places, culture and life situations. After this experience I decided that I needed to give something to society.


What made me choose fitness as a new career? 


Through my last job I become a member of a high end gym in Soho, London, called the Third Space (A-list celebrities are not uncommon therefore I was quite a frequent visitor of this gym!) 

As I walked into the gym, I saw a guy called Fitz (everyone remembers his name after having done at least one class with him) teaching on the glass floor, shouting at people and not letting anyone get away with resting during his class! Despite this, people were smiling and having fun. That’s when I thought, this is the man I want to learn from what fitness and training is all about!

As I was attending his classes I realised the importance of weights training as part of your lifestyle. Most people, including my old self, think of cardio and salads when it comes to weight loss and getting fit. We see all these stunning bodies, the so called ‘beach bodies’, and we think all we need to do is cut the carbs and spend hours on the treadmill or on the cross trainer. What a myth! 

Fit-Z Lifestyle Training has helped me achieve my goals, not only on the fitness level but in other areas of my life as well. As soon as you achieve your goals on a physical level, your mindset is enabled to achieve anything you want in other parts of your life.

My mission is to pass his knowledge on, and create a new, stronger YOU.

Stay with me, learn about LizStyle training, eating and thinking, and find a new self in you!