Fat is a major source of energy, it helps the body absorb vitamins and it helps foods to taste good.

The two major categories of fats are:

1. Saturated fats (butter, cheese, dairy fat, egg yolk, meat fat, coconut oil, palm oil etc).

2. Unsaturated fats ( fish oil, sesame oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, avocado, nuts, cashews,

pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts.)


In the 90’s when the ‘fat-phobia’ kicked in there was no distinction between the two categories. The

message was out there black and white: ‘Fat is unhealthy and fat makes you fat!’

This created an entire industry of fat-free foods such as frozen dinners, processed meats, sweets,

ice cream, yogurt etc. And we ate these without fear and believed it was healthy, since the label

said ‘zero grams of fat’! Sadly the waistlines and health problems only increased after this.


So if we cut out fat why did we continue to gain fat and get sick?

The answer is simple:

Fat-free doesn’t mean sugar-free or calorie-free!


The long-standing traditional advice has been to reduce saturated fat intake. However without

looking at each different type of saturated fatty acid individually and within the context of your

genetics, lifestyle, health status, quantity eaten and overall diet, it’s overly simplistic to say that all

saturated fats are bad for you or should be completely avoided. Saturated fats do, however, lack

the essential fatty acids you need, so you must balance them with the unsaturated fats.

Like other essential nutrients such as amino acids, essential fatty acids are those that your body

can’t make on its own, so they must be supplied through your diet in the right amounts and in the

right ratios. These are: Omega-3 & Omega-6.


Here are some of Omega-3’s most important

functions in your body:

Essential for joint health

Required for energy production

Required for oxygen transfer

Improve insulin sensitivity

Increase your metabolic rate

Improve skin texture

Help burn fat


Rich sources of Omega-3 essential fatty acids:



Rainbow trout

Albacore Tuna




Fish oil



Avoid Trans Fats such as:, Fried food, Pastries, Crackers, Icing, Doughnuts,
Margarine, Taco shells, Tortilla chips, Refined vegetable oils.