This is a crucial element of the training if you want to obtain a complete reshape of your body.


Somehow this is the part that almost everyone misses when pursuing a weight-loss goal. Missing

this element is why most weight-loss programmes fail. Remember this: you can lose weight with a

diet, but only weight training can increase your strength and give you the new body you want.

The ability of building muscle can depend on many things but genetics influences greatly the length

of results achieved: somatotype, BMR, number of fat cells, muscle fibre type, limb length, joint size,

digestive differences, food allergies, carbohydrate tolerance all have an impact.


Many people give up before even starting weight training, blaming their genetics on the lack of

results achieved, however bear in mind that genetics is not everything. Most of the factors affecting

body composition are entirely under your control. No matter what your body type or genetic

potential, you can always improve by consistently taking action in all these areas.


The factors you can control are:

What when and how much you eat

What type of exercise you do

How frequently you exercise

How long and hard you exercise

Your overall lifestyle

Who you socialise with and allow to influence you

Your mental attitude


In terms of weights training, you have the option of using dumbbells or barbells. I learnt from Fit-z

LifeStyleTraining the benefit of using dumbbells over barbells. If you would like to know more about

the difference click here.


The 7 biggest weight training myths that hold you back from obtaining your best body are:

1. If fat loss is your goal, you should only do cardio

2. You have to join a gym to get good results

3. You should lose all the fat first, then you should start weights training

4. If you lift weights you will get bulky or will look like a bodybuilder

5. Women must train differently than men

6. You have to lift for hours every day to get a great body

7. You are the only one who feels confused and doesn’t know where to start


First you need to learn the weights training principles:

1. Progressive overload

2. Intensity

3. Optimal resistance

4. Optimal volume

5. Optimal rest intervals

6. Optimal Tempo

7. Variation

8. Periodisation


To learn more about these principles please contact me for further information.