A main benefit of body conditioning is that it can be done without any equipment as all exercises only require the use of your own bodyweight.


Conditioning means more than just being able to catch your breath at the top of the stairs or during

a game. To excel at sports or burn the most calories during a workout, you’ll want to improve your

aerobic and anaerobic capacity, strength, muscle endurance and flexibility. Adding variety to your

workouts will help you improve your total conditioning and help you meet your health and fitness



The best body conditioning approach that I have used is through a card game (available now

online as well) developed by Fit-z LifeStyle Training called Lucky Dip. Click here to find out more.


Let’s look at some of the top benefits of strength & body conditioning:

1. Helps prevent injury

2. Promotes healthy bones

3. Improved posture

4. Enhanced mood

5. Increased fitness

6. Increased metabolism